Want to Build a Following Online? Follow These 3 Steps

Businesses and business leaders are putting a lot of time, budget and effort into building a following today, but most are putting their energy in the wrong places.

Take the example of 5-Minute Crafts, which features videos explaining do-it-yourself crafts and life-hacks. This simple idea has drawn 49 million subscribers, and the channel features individual videos with 300 million views.

Social media makes creating a following far more accessible than ever, but most people struggle to gain traction. Then there is Rob Dial, an entrepreneur who has transitioned from podcasting to creating videos on Facebook full-time. He has produced videos with 80 million, 50 million and 18 million views, and his total views are now up over a billion.

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How to Make Your Marketing Video Go Viral in 3 Steps

Recently, I was introduced to Rob Dial. In 2015, Dial started “The Mindset and Motivation Podcast” which topped the iTunes charts in six categories and accumulated more than a million downloads in its first year. In January 2017, Dial started posting videos on Facebook; in two years, he had accumulated 1.5 million followers and over 1 billion views.

Dial has had multiple videos go viral on Facebook, including posts with 80 million views, 50 million views and 18 million views. This success allowed him to quit his day job and dedicate himself full-time to producing videos.

I asked Dial the keys to his success creating viral videos, and here’s what I learned:

1. Be passionate and authentic.

In the crowded video market, authenticity helps you cut through the noise. People spend hours online every day and can sense who is being real and who is simply pedaling a new product with each post. Viewers are drawn to people who are comfortable in their own shoes and passionate about what they do.

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How an Unknown Podcaster Generated 100,525 Organic Downloads in 80 Days

I’m not going to lie, I didn’t know if it would work.

I decided to see what would happen if I combined…

  • … zero marketing background…
  • … with zero advertising budget…
  • … a mighty email list of ZERO people…
  • … a vault full of content that people want (and need) to hear…
  • … and a competitive spirit that won’t fail.

The result?

The MWF Motivation podcast.

After my first 80 days of launching, I accumulated 100,525 downloads and a surefire strategy to successfully launch a podcast using iTunes New & Noteworthy for organic growth…

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Digital Marketer

Turning Tragedy into Triumph

After losing his father to alcoholism, Rob Dial dedicated himself to a life of altruism. Now a renowned performance coach, motivational speaker, podcaster, and viral video phenom, the Austin-based jack-of-all-trades is hoping to touch a billion lives in 2018.

Rob Dial was alone a lot as a kid. The youngest of two children raised along the crystal clear waters of Anna Maria Island, Florida, he grew accustomed to the solitude his alcoholic father’s absence and parents’ eventual divorce afforded him. Though the isolation was overwhelming at times, he learned to find peace in the silence and introspection in his independence. But when his dad passed away from liver failure and jaundice, Dial (only 15 at the time) broke out of the cocoon…

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Austin Fit Magazine


I’m a believer in the “ripple effect”… the idea that one lesson or moment in life can spark something that will change you and the world in bigger ways than you can imagine.

And recently, I sat down with Rob Dial (one of my first coaching clients) to share the lessons that have had this effect on my own life and personal development.

Rob is doing amazing things – I’m so proud of him and the work he does. In this conversation, you’ll quickly understand why his YouTube videos have over 50 MILLION views… he asks the questions that NO ONE else asks and pulls wisdom…


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The Miracle Morning